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Internal exposure is gastric acid, anorexia, bulimia, vomiting during pregnancy, stomach ulcers, kidney dysfunction and even chronic alcoholism.

External exposure - diet with a predominance of fresh juices and citrus fruits, carbonated drinks, wine, pickled food, sauces, herbal teas. The reasons for the development of attriction can be banal metal-ceramic structures, it is the contact of the tooth with the crown that gives such a result. Another cause may be bruxism; in these patients, facial signs indicate powerful chewing muscles. Localization - occlusal and palatal surfaces of teeth, simultaneous erasure of enamel and dentin.

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Also, the theory of toothbrush injury to hard tooth tissues does not explain the fact that the average durability of the composite restoration of a wedge-shaped defect is about one year, while the destruction of the composite material with a toothbrush under experimental conditions takes much longer.
In 1984, Lee and Eakle published a study on the possible role of bending stress in the cervical region of teeth in the etiology of abfractions. Subsequently, their assumption was confirmed by numerous studies, which proved that abfractions arise as a result of biomechanical overstrain associated with excessive occlusal forces during static compression (swallowing, bruxism) and dynamic function (Clomiphene).
The amount of abfraction directly depends on the degree of occlusal stress, the duration of exposure to excessive occlusal forces, direction, frequency and site of application. As a result of an inadequate occlusal load, stress on bending arises in the area of clomid neck, and chronic fatigue of the hard tissues of the teeth gradually develops, followed by their destruction in this area.
The modern theory explains the etiology of the development of abfractions as a process of destruction of enamel prisms as a result of the piezoelectric effect. Irrational occlusal loads create bending stress in the tooth, which causes an electrostatic process known as the piezoelectric effect.

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As a result of this process, calcium ions are pushed out of the crystal lattice of calcium hydroxyapatite molecules in enamel prisms.

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One of the factors that plays a role in the formation of abfractions is the parafunction of the tongue. If the volume of the oral cavity is insufficient, the tongue has a powerful lateral effect on the teeth, especially during swallowing and speaking.

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The occlusal theory of abfraction also explains clomid of the defect. Under tension load, the resulting defect has Clomiphene citrate, under compression load -C-form.